• He's been called the Pied Piper of the Second Running Boom. Once an overweight couch potato with a glut of bad habits, including smoking and drinking, at the age of 43 Bingham looked mid-life in the face—and started running.

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Please accept my apology


Someone has hacked into this account and has been posting under my name. My webmaster and I are doing all we can to figure this out.

We have changed settings, passwords, etc. to try to eliminate these bogus postings. We are monitoring the account very closely and will vigorously go after the person who is doing this.

I am VERY sorry about this.



One Response

  1. Hey no prob….it happens to all of us. In fact, someone bought friend chicken dinners in New Jersey last week with my debit card while it was still in my wallet here in Illinois. Go figure. 🙂

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